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Since 1998 of release

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      Removal of air from a hydraulic path of a drive of deenergizing of coupling
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      Removal, check of a condition and installation of components of coupling
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Removal of air from a hydraulic path of a drive of deenergizing of coupling

Used as a working body in a path of a drive of coupling the hydraulic liquid is among toxic and chemically aggressive connections and at contact with кузовными panels destroys a paint and varnish covering. Before to start procedure performance cover wings and the panel передка the car with special covers, or simply old blankets. Prorolling of brake system make in goggles. At casual hit of a brake liquid in eyes immediately wash out their plentiful quantity of water and address for the help to the doctor!

Prorolling of a hydraulic drive of deenergizing of system should be carried out each time after removal of its components and also when liquid level in the tank falls so that air gets to the main cylinder. A principle of prorolling the same, as used at removal of air from a brake path. At prorolling use only a fresh hydraulic liquid of a demanded grade.


  1. The prorolling gate is located in a place of fastening of a hydraulic hose from above on картере manual transmission. On some models access to the gate can be complicated. Поддомкратьте the car also establish it on props.
  2. Make sure of tightness штуцерных connections of a hydraulic path of coupling. Carefully wipe the prorolling gate.
  3. Uncover the tank of the main cylinder and fill in in the tank a fresh hydraulic liquid, having finished its level to a mark the MOVE. Establish a cover into place. Remember that during prorolling of system in order to avoid risk подсасывания liquid level in the tank should not fall to a path of air below mark MIN.

Do not use liquid repeatedly extorted from system, and also, a liquid, long time stored in leaky closed container!

The basic method of prorolling - is required the help of the assistant


  1. Remove a dustproof cap and pull on the gate of prorolling of the cylinder the end of a plastic hose approaching on the size. The second end of a hose lower in transparent vessel partially filled with a hydraulic liquid, - track, that the hose cut has appeared entirely is shipped in a liquid.
  1. Ask the assistant to press some times a pedal of coupling for the purpose of pressure lifting in a path, then to squeeze out it and to fix it in the bottom position. Open the gate of prorolling and let out a liquid from the cylinder in drain capacity. When вытекание the liquid mixed with air bubbles will stop, again densely tighten the gate and allow to release to the assistant a pedal.
  2. Continue prorolling in the same manner until the liquid leaving the cylinder completely will not be released from air bubbles. Constantly watch closely liquid level in the tank of the main cylinder, without supposing its excessive lowering, air dangerous by hit in a path and data to zero of all undertaken efforts.

Method of prorolling with use of the complete set with the return valve

As tells the name, the complete set for prorolling includes the piece of a hose equipped with the one-pass valve. The valve prevents possibility of return of a pushed out liquid back in system and will allow to make prorolling by forces of one person, - do not forget about necessity of tracing of level of a liquid for the tank of the main cylinder (it should not fall below mark MIN!).

Prorolling with use of compressed air


  1. As a source of compressed air the spare wheel can be used, - it is preliminary necessary to dump pressure of its rating. Operate according to instructions applied on the complete set.
  2. At use of the similar device it is required to release only the gate of prorolling and to wait the terminations of an exit from a path of air bubbles.
  3. The main advantage of the given way consists that the big tank entering into the complete set with a hydraulic liquid does not suppose подсасывания air in a path during prorolling.

All methods


  1. Having finished prorolling, check up a course of a pedal of coupling, - if taking place softness completely is eliminated, tighten the gate of prorolling with demanded effort, plant on it a protective cap and collect rags traces of the spilt liquid.
  2. Check up liquid level in the tank of the main cylinder, - in case of need make corresponding updating (Routine maintenance see the Head).
  3. The merged liquid is not subject to a reuse should be utilised according to requirements on preservation of the environment.
  4. Check up serviceability of functioning of coupling, - if its deenergizing at pedal squeezing does not occur, hence, all air is removed from a path and prorolling is necessary for repeating. If to achieve satisfactory result it is not possible during several prorolling, it is necessary to check up a condition of sealing elements штуцерных sockets of hydraulic lines on both cylinders.