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      Removal, check of a condition and installation of components of coupling
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Removal, check of a condition and installation of components of coupling

Remember that developed in the course of deterioration of frictional overlays of a conducted disk of coupling the dust can contain unhealthy asbestos. Do not blow off a dust the compressed air and try not to inhale it. Do not apply to rubbing of components of coupling solvents on an oil basis, — use only special brake cleaners or pure methyl spirit. The used rags put in tightly closed container.


For the purpose of providing of access to coupling assemblage usually remove a transmission, leaving the engine on the car. If the engine is already removed for performance of the general or major repairs, the condition of components of coupling should be checked without fail. Considering rather low cost of details and enough great volume of metalwork works on providing of access to coupling assemblage, it makes sense to make replacement with last without dependence from a condition of its components. The description of procedure of removal of coupling without extraction of the engine from the car is more low resulted.


  1. Remove a gear change box (the Manual transmission see the Head), — prop up the engine a jack, or hang out it from above on лебедке (preferably last). In case of use of a jack do not forget to lay between its head and the pallet картера wooden брусок for the purpose of loading distribution.

Маслозаборник the oil pump settles down very close to the pallet bottom картера and can be easily damaged at deformation of the last.

  1. In order to avoid loss of a conducted disk at basket removal, pass in its nave the tool intended for centering of coupling.
  1. Attentively examine surfaces of a flywheel and assemblage of a basket of coupling on marks presence (usually in the form of letters Х put by a white paint or). If to find out marks it is not possible, put it independently, unequivocally having marked position of a basket concerning a flywheel.
  1. Operating in a diagonal order, in stages (on a half-turn for the approach) in regular intervals ослабьте bolts of fastening of a basket of coupling to a flywheel, completely having unloaded диафрагменную a spring, — before отпусканием bolts the flywheel can be blocked by means of the special adaptation.
  1. Reliably supporting coupling assemblage, definitively turn out bolts, then separate a basket from a flywheel and remove all assemblage from the car.
  2. Remove a frictional disk, — try to remember, it is established by what party on a flywheel.


Assemblage of a conducted disk

1 — Frictional overlays in a picture are worn out below an admissible limit
2 — Torsionnye of a spring or демпферы should be checked up on presence of cracks and deformation signs

3 — Equipped шлицами the nave should slide freely on шлицам a primary shaft of a transmission, шлицы should not be worn excessively out
4 — Rivets are used for fastening of frictional overlays and at excessive deterioration of the last start to leave furrows on a working surface of a flywheel

Deterioration examples диафрагменной springs

More often infringement of serviceability of functioning of coupling appears connected with deterioration of frictional overlays of a conducted disk. Nevertheless, it is necessary to study attentively a condition of all other components of assemblage.


  1. Study a working surface of a flywheel on presence of cracks, traces of an overheat, furrows and other damages. Insignificant defects can be eliminated a way проточки in the conditions of a car-care centre workshop (проточку it is recommended to make without dependence from a surface condition). The description of procedures of removal and flywheel installation is resulted in corresponding section of the Head the Engine.
  1. Also check up a condition and estimate planeness of an interfaced surface of a press disk of coupling.
  2. Estimate degree of deterioration of frictional overlays of a conducted disk of coupling. The surface of overlays should tower over heads of rivets at least on 1.6 mm. Make sure of density of landing of all rivets, check up торсионные springs / демпферы on presence of cracks, traces of deformation and other mechanical damages (Assemblage of a conducted disk see an illustration). Замасливание frictional overlays is the result of failure of an epiploon of a cranked shaft, infringement of integrity of a lining of the pallet картера more often, a sealing element of assemblage of the executive cylinder or an epiploon of primary shaft manual transmission, — replace the damaged components (corresponding Heads see). As already it was mentioned above, replacement of components of coupling it is reasonable to make each time at assemblage dismantle, therefore pay attention to the slightest errors.
  3. Together with a conducted disk always it is replaced as well выжимной the bearing. If the conducted disk is perfectly in order, check up a condition выжимного the bearing, - the bearing should rotate smoothly, without jamming signs. Interfaced surfaces should be absolutely smooth and not damaged, without cracks, задиров and hollows. In the absence of confidence of definition of a condition of the bearing make replacement of assemblage of the executive cylinder (Removal and installation of assemblage of the executive cylinder of coupling with выжимным the bearing see).
  1. Estimate a condition of the processed surfaces and petals диафрагменной springs of a press disk (deterioration Examples диафрагменной springs see an illustration). In case of revealing of defects replace basket assemblage. Traces of easy polishing can be removed by means of a fine-grained emery paper. Through firm car repair shops of company Opel always it is possible to get the restored assemblage of coupling on an exchange basis.



  1. Make sure of absoluteness of cleanliness and dryness of interfaced surfaces of a flywheel and coupling disks, in case of need wipe working surfaces solvent.
  2. Establish frictional acting part of a nave from a flywheel. Usually the factory marks specifying are put on a disk, what party to its flywheel it is necessary to establish («Flywheel side» or «Getriebeseite»).
  3. Establish a coupling basket, - if the old basket is established, track correctness of combination of the landing labels put in the course of dismantle. Screw bolts of fastening of a basket and tighten them while only by hand for the purpose of a possibility of an unobstructed centering of a conducted disk.
  4. Now it is necessary to centre a frictional disk that at transmission installation its primary shaft has passed through шлицы in a disk and has got to directing plug in a pin of a cranked shaft.
  1. To centre a frictional disk it is possible by means of a screw-driver passed through its central aperture and entered into directing plug of a cranked shaft. Essentially facilitates a problem application special оправки (adaptation type № 2174) in the form of a pin of a primary shaft of transmission. Quite good results are reached also by means of a thin core with reeled up on it till the demanded diameter an insulating tape.

  1. Having finished a centering of a conducted disk, in stages in a diagonal order in regular intervals tighten bolts of fastening of a basket with demanded effort. Take aligning adaptation.
  2. Establish into place a transmission (the Manual transmission see the Head).