Opel Astra, Zafira

Since 1998 of release

Repair and car operation

Opel Astra
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+ Onboard electric equipment

The salon equipment

Adjustment of position of a steering column

Adjustment of position of a steering column it should be made only on the motionless car!

The lever отпускания a clamp of position of a steering column is located from the bottom party of a casing of last.


  1. Insert a key into the lock of ignition and remove blocking of a steering column.
  1. Delay downwards the lever отпускания a clamp, result a steering wheel in convenient position, then again fix a column, having returned the lever in the top position.

Adjustment of seats

Forward seats

Adjustment of position of seats should be made only on motionlessly standing car!


  1. In section Elements of systems of safety of the car the important information on safety issues and correctness of adjustment of seats, their backs and headrests is stated, — before a start of motion adjust in appropriate way seat position.
  1. For adjustment of position of a seat in a longitudinal direction delay upwards located under a pillow first line скобу a clamp. Keeping скобу in the lifted position, shift seat assemblage forward or back in position convenient for you, then release a clamp. For check of reliability of fixing of a seat try to shift it forward and back.
  1. Adjustment of an angle of slope of a back of a seat is made by means of the back of the rotary handle located from an external lateral surface.
  1. The lever of adjustment of height of a pillow of a seat is located from an external forward corner of a pillow. Дерганье the lever, pushing downwards - to lowering upwards leads to pillow lifting.
  1. On some models the design of a back of a driver's seat allows to make also adjustment of position of its lumbar part. Adjustment is carried out by means of the rotating handle located on a lateral surface of a back of a seat, with internal (Compartment models, the Cabriolet and 3-dvernyj Hetchbek), or with external (models the Sedan, 5-dvernyj Hetchbek and the Versatile person) its parties.
  1. Seats enter into a complete set of some models with possibility of adjustment of position of an emphasis for hips — lift forward section of a pillow and move it forward.
  1. The lever отпускания the back clamp, allowing to make its folding, is located in the top part of an external wall of a back. For back folding delay the lever upwards.


Headrests help to prevent neck and head traumas at car blow behind. That headrests could carry out effectively the protective functions, they should be adjusted in the correct image. Adjust headrests on height so that the top part of a pillow of a headrest was flush with an auricle upper edge. If high passengers do not manage to achieve it, the headrest is necessary for establishing in as much as possible high position.

On some updatings of the car possibility of adjustment of headrests on height is provided. Adjustment of position of a headrest is made by two hands simultaneously, therefore it is not necessary to try to adjust a headrest during car movement. To lift a headrest, incline it forward on purpose отпускания a clamp, then pull it upwards / drown.

Dismantle of a headrest or replacement is made for cleaning as follows: lift a headrest upwards against the stop, then press buttons of clamps and liberate fixing cores from a seat back.

Back seat

The central armrest of a back seat

On some models the back seat is equipped by the central armrest. The armrest settles down in the central part of a seat and is displayed by extraction from a niche in a back and lowerings in horizontal position.

On models of Hetchbek, the Sedan and the Compartment under an armrest is located the cover equipped with the lock handle which lowering allows to take in a luggage space small-sized lengthy subjects (for example, skis).

The technology of expansion of volume of a luggage space under transportation of small-sized lengthy subjects on models the Cabriolet differs from described above a little. Here the armrest is attached to a back of a seat by means of the belt equipped with the holder. Armrest transfer in horizontal position is made by вытягивания it for specially provided loop.

For full dismantle of an armrest to release the holder of a fixing belt, then from within a luggage space to pull downwards the handle of a clamp and to lower a cover. At cover closing it is necessary to lift it upwards and to latch a clamp.

Folding of backs of a back seat

The back of a back seat has a separate design and consists of two parts which can develop forward, opening direct access to a luggage space and providing possibility of transportation of large-sized lengthy cargoes.

Each of two sections of a back of a back seat can develop forward irrespective of another. Buttons отпускания clamps of backs are located from lateral aspects of their upper edges.


  1. For fixing of a back of a seat in vertical position, densely press it to a back ware shelf to защелкивания locks, — do not forget to liberate preliminary from under a back of a tape of seat belts. Make sure of reliability of fixing of a back in vertical position, having pulled it on itself at an upper edge.
  1. Track, that seat belts of a back seat at the lifted backs occupied the regular positions.
  2. Make sure of reliable fixing of all located in a luggage space and subjects acting in salon. Remember that sharp braking can lead to any displacement of unreliably fixed cargo.
  3. Avoid operation of the car with the combined backs of a back seat and an open cover of a luggage space in order to avoid hit in salon of the car containing toxic монооксид carbon FROM) the fulfilled gases.


On models the Cabriolet adjustment and dismantle of headrests of a back seat are not represented possible.

The back seat is equipped by three headrests, left and right from which have a standard design (Adjustment of seats — Headrests see above the item). The average headrest differs compact execution and has two fixed working positions.

At folding of seats (see more low), or for the purpose of expansion of sector of the back review (at an unoccupied central place of a back seat) the central headrest should be lowered in extreme bottom position, preliminary having released spring clamps of its cores.

Seat folding

Folding of a back seat is made for the purpose of the maximum expansion of a luggage space of the car by transportation large-sized or many-placed cargo.


  1. Remove lateral headrests, lower in extreme bottom position the central headrest.
  2. Lift an armrest.
  1. Having pulled for special loops, cast away in vertical position of a pillow of a back seat, at a corresponding complete set fix in special clamps on backs of a buckle of seat belts, then release the top clamps and lower backs.
  1. At assemblage of a seat do not forget to liberate from under lifted backs of a tape of seat belts.

Luggage space

Demountable back shelf / a collapsible casing (models of Hetchbek and the Versatile person)

Demountable back regiments (collapsible casings of a luggage space) on models of Hetchbek and the Versatile person are not intended for transportation on them of heavy subjects.

For dismantle of a demountable back shelf on models of Hetchbek it is necessary to remove приводные slings from hooks on a back door, then to liberate a shelf from directing and to remove it. Installation is made upside-down.

On models the Versatile person the luggage space from above is covered with a collapsible casing fixed by two angular holders.


  1. For providing of access in a luggage space the casing is liberated from clamps and moves forward (to a back of a back seat).
  1. For casing removal combine it, then in the combined kind pull back in directing grooves and, overcoming resistance of springs, liberate from holders.

  1. Installation шторки is made in return sequence.

Ware boxes

In an upholstery of the left wall of a luggage space there is a cover equipped with rotary clamps after which removal access to the ware box intended for storage of such obligatory elements of a complete set of any car, as the road first-aid set and a sign on an emergency stop opens.

Under a floor covering of a luggage compartment the well under storage of a spare wheel, баллонного a key and a jack is located.

Eyes for safety net fastening

On corners of the panel of a floor of a luggage space the metal eyes are provided, allowing to fix the safety network intended for fixing of transported cargo.

By means of the same eyes on models the Versatile person is fixed also a protective lattice (see more low).

Protective lattice (models the Versatile person)

The protective lattice can be mounted behind a back of a back seat, or (at the combined back seat), — behind backs of a forward seat.

In a roof frame two pairs assembly apertures in which refuel анкерные lattice bars also are provided.

Prikurivatel/the socket of onboard power supplies


Прикуриватель it is located in forward section of the central console of the car and functions only at two positions of a key in the ignition lock: «ACC» (I) or «ON» (II), i.e. when ignition or a food of auxiliary consumers of the electric power is included. For inclusion прикуривателя drown before click its button. After heat filched the button automatically with click will return to a starting position.

In order to avoid an exit прикуривателя out of operation, do not hold its button during spiral heating!

The nest under installation прикуривателя simultaneously carries out a role of the socket of an onboard food in which can any auxiliary automobile accessories (the compressor, a vacuum cleaner, зарядное the device for a mobile phone, etc.) are connected. For the purpose of providing of access to the socket take from a nest прикуриватель.

Capacity of consumption of devices connected to an onboard food should not exceed 50 Vt at pressure of a food 12 Century


Use ashtrays only on the direct appointment! In order to avoid ignition do not put in ashtrays scraps of a paper, a wrapper from sweets and other combustible materials. Dust ignition in ashtrays can cause a damage to your car.

The forward ashtray is united in uniform assemblage with прикуривателем. For ashtray opening press an upper edge of its cover.

To clear an ashtray of stubs, open a cover of an ashtray and, having pulled upwards, take the reception container from the landing nest, having pulled it on itself.

The back ashtray is built in a back part of the central console. For ashtray opening cast away upwards its cover. To clear an ashtray of stubs, open it, then pull upwards and take the container from the nest in the console.

The main ware box

The ware box is located in the right part of the panel of devices of the car and equipped by a folding cover. Box opening at the included ignition leads to automatic activation of its illumination.

In a box the demountable intermediate shelf stacked on directing laths and fixed by means of established on back wall of a box of clamps is equipped. At the left under a folding cover of a box the panel with a clamp for pen fastening (see in the same place) is provided.

From the interior of a cover of a ware box thrown back in horizontal position выформованы two deepenings for fixing of glasses.

Sun-protection peaks

At the left and on the right over a windscreen in car salon two sun-protection peaks are fixed. Peaks can fall and be developed sideways, providing protection of eyes of the driver and the forward passenger against influence of the direct solar beams directed as is face-to-face, and in lateral directions.

Internal rear-view mirror

The basis internally the rear-view mirror is pasted by the on an internal surface of a windscreen, from above in the central its parts. In the bottom part of assemblage of a mirror it is provided рычажок, allowing to make switching of a reflecting surface in the night mode providing protection of an eye of the driver from blinding by their light moving behind in a passing direction of vehicles.

On some models the mirror with the device of automatic switching in a night mode is established. Mirror blackout деактивируется at ignition deenergizing, inclusion of a backing and salon illumination.

Heating of forward seats

Regulators of inclusion and management of functioning of heating of forward seats are located in a forward part of the central console under assemblage of an ashtray and marked by the pictogramme. Near to regulators the control lamps informing the operator about activation of a mode of heating of the corresponding seat are located.

Heating deenergizing is made by regulator transfer in position "-".