Opel Astra, Zafira

Since 1998 of release

Repair and car operation

Opel Astra
+ Cars Opel Astra and Zafira
+ The operation manual
+ Routine maintenance
+ The engine
+ Systems of cooling, heating
+ The power supply system and release
- Engine electric equipment
   + Electronic control system of ignition (and injection) petrol engines
   + Systems of preheat and heating of fuel of the diesel engine
   - Charge and start systems
      The storage battery - the general information, condition check, replacement, storage and commissioning
      Check of a condition and replacement of wires of the battery
      Check of serviceability of functioning and condition of components of system of a charge
      Removal and installation натяжителя приводного a generator belt
      Removal and generator installation
      Replacement of brushes of the generator
      Check of serviceability of functioning of a condition of components of system of start
      Removal and starter installation
      Check of a condition and regenerative repair of a starter
+ Manual transmission
+ Automatic transmission
+ Coupling and power shafts
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment

Charge and start systems

The general information and safety measures

Charge system

The general information

The generator of the alternating current which has been built in it a regulator of pressure, control lamp of a charge, the storage battery, protective fusible insert and electroconducting connecting listed components concern number of components of system of a charge. The charge system provides giving of an electric food to ignition system, lighting and alarm devices, a radio receiver and other consumers of the electric power. The generator is put in action by a belt drive from a pulley of a cranked shaft and established in a forward part of the engine. The additional information on electric connections of components of system of a charge can be gathered from schemes of electric connections (the Onboard electric equipment see the Head).

The electronic block of management (ECM, depending on current values of entrance parametres (engine turns, speed of movement of the car, temperature of a cooling liquid, quantity of the included consumers of the electric power and temperature of soaked up air), makes updating of size of pressure developed by the generator. The system main task is loading minimisation on the engine.

Problem of a regulator of pressure is restriction of pressure developed by the generator in the set limits. The regulator prevents overloads of contours and the other unpleasant phenomena connected with jumps of pressure.

The charge system does not require regular service. Nevertheless, it is necessary to check periodically a condition приводного a belt of the generator, the battery, connecting electroconducting and it клеммных connections (Routine maintenance see the Head).

The control lamp of a charge built in in an instrument guard quickly joins at ignition key turn in position ON. Right after realisation of start of the engine the lamp should go out. Refusal of a lamp of deenergizing testifies to malfunctions in charge system (Removal and installation of components of system of preheat see). On some models in an instrument guard the voltmeter allowing to the driver in time to trace a deviation of onboard pressure from norm is in addition established. At an exit of indications of the voltmeter for limits of an admissible range it is necessary to make check of system of a charge (Removal and installation of components of system of preheat see).

The fusible insert represents the short piece of the wire placed in isolation which have been built in in the main plait of electroconducting of an impellent compartment. The total section of a vein of a conductor of an insert several times is less than at chain electroconducting in which it is included that guarantees reliable protection of last against an overload.

Safety measures

At joining клеммных connections of electric chains equipped with the generator of an alternating current of cars it is necessary to observe special safety measures:

  • At connection of electroconducting of the battery to the generator at all do not suppose infringement полярностию
  • Before to apply at кузовном repair electroarc welding disconnect electroconducting from generator and accumulator room plugs батареию
  • At all do not make engine start at connected to the battery зарядном устройствею
  • Always, before to make gymnastics of the battery from the external power supply, disconnect from it both wires (at first negative) ю
  • Try not to suppose hit of hands, hair and free parts of clothes in contact with rotating приводным a belt of the generator during made at the working engine проверокю
  • As the generator is connected directly to the battery, its overloads and short circuits are capable to cause ignition of electroconducting and to be at the bottom пожараю
  • Before to start steam cleaning of an impellent compartment wrap the generator in a polyethylene package which then should be fixed reliably rubber bandages.

Start system

The general information

The system provides проворачивание the engine for the purpose of its start.

The basic components of system are a starter with the traction relay established on it, the storage battery, the lock of ignition and connecting electroconducting.

Assemblage of a starter with the traction relay is fixed from above on the power unit, near to a transmission dome.

At ignition key turn in position START power supplies from the battery on a chain of management of start move on the traction relay of a starter. The relay makes switching of a food of the battery directly on the starter electromotor. The motor starts to rotate, simultaneously turning for a gear wreath of a flywheel / приводного a disk a cranked shaft of the engine.

Starter functioning on the models equipped manual transmission, becomes possible only at the squeezed out pedal of coupling. On models with АТ an indispensable condition is transfer of the lever of the selector in position Р or N.

Safety measures

At performance of any works with components of system of start it is necessary to observe following special safety measures:

  • Remember that excessively long проворачивание the engine a starter can lead to serious damages of the electromotor of the last as a result of an overheat. Never use a starter continuously долее 15 seconds then it should to allow cool down within one-two minutes.
  • Do not forget that the starter is connected directly to the battery that at casual handling, as a result of overloads and short circuits, does probable possibility дугообразования, fraught in turn by ignition проводкию
  • Performing any works with components of system of start, without fail disconnect a negative wire from the battery, - remember that if the stereosystem established on the car is equipped by a security code before to disconnect the battery it is necessary to make sure of knowledge of a correct combination for audiosystem input in action!