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Since 1998 of release

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Opel Astra
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Removal of pollution from the power supply system of the diesel engine

Cause of infringement of passableness of the fuel filter, decrease in capacity developed by the engine, occurrences on internal surfaces of components of the power supply system black deposits or slime, etc. infringements corrosion development, or formation in system of a colony of microorganisms can be. Microorganisms usually arise in a moisture containing in fuel if last does not leave in time from a tank. Products of their ability to live can cause development of corrosion of metal surfaces of a path.

In a similar situation carrying out of full clearing of system is required. If clearing is spent carefully, the probability of repeated occurrence of microorganisms will be shown to a minimum.


  1. Completely empty and remove a fuel tank.

The merged fuel repeatedly should not to be used. Carefully wash up it wash out a tank from within pure diesel fuel. Highlighting itself a small lamp, make sure of absoluteness of cleanliness of internal walls of a tank. If completely to remove all adjournment by washing it is not possible, resort to steam cleaning, — having achieved satisfactory result, once again wash out a tank pure дизтопливом.

  1. Disconnect from Fuel pump lines of giving and fuel return, remove the fuel filter and wash out топливопроводы pure fuel.
  2. Replace the fuel filter, establish into place a tank, restore initial connection of fuel lines and fill in in a tank pure diesel fuel. Remove air from system (Removal of air from a fuel path of the diesel engine see). At the first operation phase of the car make sure of completeness of restoration of working capacity of the power supply system.

Corrosion products, as a rule, do not get in Fuel pump, being late in the fuel filter. If, nevertheless, there is a suspicion that the pump is polluted, it is necessary for clearing carefully also. Do not undertake attempts of independent carrying out of the given procedure, — charge its performance to experts of car-care centre.

The moisture present at atmospheric air can be condensed on walls of a fuel tank, whence it gets into a power supply system path. Capacities for storage of diesel fuel (including both the big tanks, and fuel tanks of cars) are in a greater degree subject влагообразованию, than capacities for gasoline storage as pressure of steams of the last is appreciable above. For the purpose of minimisation of hit of a condensate in fuel, constantly hold a tank full and try to avoid long idle times of a vehicle.

In shops of automobile accessories always it is possible to get the special additives serving for prevention of occurrence of microorganisms. Manufacturers of high-quality fuel add this sort of additives in diesel fuel.

At revealing in fuel of signs of development of microorganisms, inform on the given fact of the owner of the gas station which constant client you are and, at least during some time, use other station.